This rug tufting gun allows you to do both cut pile and loop pile rug tufting.


Estimated Delivery: 10-25 DAYS

Top of the line tufting gun designed to meet all of your creative needs. This machine is so fun and easy to use, you will be making rugs and wall hangings in the matter of hours. Generally, most people prefer the CUT pile because of its fluffy and shaggy effect but this gun does either cut or loop so you can choose your favorite or play with textures in your creationg

This gun is light weight which means it's super light and easy to work with!

Speed Range is 5-40 stitches per second and is adjustable

Check out our blog post to learn more about yarn, building a frame, and getting started on your tufting journey!

Please stop by our instagram, we absolutely love seeing all of your creative and amazing works of art!

Due to high demand, we are running out of stock quickly. Grab yours today before they are all gone!  

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