The World of Rug Tufting

Rug tufting can be intimidating - especially for beginners! Here's a few tips and tricks to get you running smoothly:

  • You’ll need a frame to stretch your backing cloth on. The simplest, most effective method is to build a frame out of 2” x 4” framing wood found at your local hardware store. Carpet tack, also found at your hardware store, is then nailed to the edges so the backing cloth can stretch over the frame. This can be scaled to the size you desire. Here are images of my 48” x 48” frame.

Getting Started:

  1. Design your rug.
  2. Choose yarn colors for corresponding areas.
  3. Stretch your backing cloth over the frame as tight as you can.
  4. Mark your design on the backing cloth. We use a sharpie marker. Your rug is tufted from the back of the rug so your design won’t show through.
  5. Label areas on the design the appropriate yarn colors. This helps when you’re tufting.
  6. Tuft your rug
  7. Apply adhesive and back fabric, if desired. Back fabric is not necessary unless you want to see the back of the rug. In many cases you might never see this. For example, the inside of a throw pillow or bag. A lining will cover this up. 8. Let dry and complete your project