Difference Between Cut Pile vs Loop Pile Rug Tufting

Cut pile is a style of rug that is sheared, exposing the ends of the carpet fiber. 

Cut piles come in different lengths and thicknesses.

They are the most popular styles of carpet today and tend to be softer underfoot and to touch than loop pile carpets

Loop pile carpets are not sheared like cut piles are


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Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile

Cut Pile: Cut pile carpets are carpets with originally looped fibers that were cut, so the strands are standing out. Compared to loop pile carpets, cut pile ones have a more lavish appearance. Aside from that, cut pile carpets are also softer to the touch as compared to loop pile.  

Loop Pile: This carpet type has yarn fibers that are woven to loops that are attached to the back of the carpet. One disadvantage of having loop pile carpets, though, is the likelihood of the strands to run if something pulled a looped fiber.